Chairman Michael Williams

As I have traveled the state of Texas during my campaign, I have spent countless hours talking with citizens who share my concern for the future of our country. I have found a special affinity with members of the Tea Party movement, people who understand the monumental tasks before us. We need to make significant changes to our federal government, changes that will be painful in the short-term, but are our last hope of preserving the American dream for future generations.

That’s why my campaign has launched Bowtie Patriots, a coalition of Tea Party supporters who want to work with me to fight for our shared values.

I ask for your support of my candidacy, but perhaps more importantly, I ask for your input. Please browse this page then fill out the form below and let me know what your thoughts on this new coalition.

On April 15, 2009, Michael Williams was proud to help kick off the Tea Party movement when he addressed an assembly of patriots at City Hall in Austin, Texas.

Help Sign Up New Bowtie Patriots

Going to a Tea Party rally? You can help build this coalition by downloading and printing copies of our Bowtie Patriots signup form and taking them with you. After having them filled out by your fellow Tea Party members, simply mail or fax them back to the campaign:

Michael Williams for U.S. Congress
P.O. Box 200364
Arlington, Texas 76006
Fax: (817) 582-0400

“Michael Williams not only talks the talk, but he’s walked the walk in ensuring that our government is run to the letter of the law as expressed in our Constitution. He is the kind of consistent conservative we should hope all elected officials could be”

Lee Barlow, Erath County Activist

“I told Michael Williams in person that I would vote for him if he ran for president…I will start by voting for him for Congress…”

Lee Warren, Austin Tea Party

“Michael Williams’ record is beyond reproach. I can’t wait to work to send him to Washington where he can fight for all of us against the political elite that have got this country into the mess we are currently in. Michael Williams can and will get us back on the right track.”

Angela Cox, Burleson Tea Party

“I’ve had the opportunity to see Commissioner Williams speak at several Tea Parties and I can say first-hand, he is the game changer we need in Washington to restore America to its founding principles. He has not only worked for our conservative causes but he inspires others to work as well.”

Toby Marie Walker, Waco Tea Party Activist

“Spending in Washington is beyond out of control. We need a true TEXAS conservative representing us in Washington. That man is Michael Williams.”

Debbie Gregory, Hill County TEA Party Coordinator

Note: These are personal quotes from individual Tea Party members and do not constitute an endorsement from their local organizations.

Share Your Thoughts

I need your ideas on building this coalition. What conversations do we need to have? What tools can my campaign build? How can we empower like-minded patriots in their fight for the American dream?

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